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Walnut Street Music Academy

Doug Moore - Musician & Music Mentor

Guitar - Bass Guitar - Drums - Bands - Workshops

About Doug

Doug is one of Worcester Massachusetts most accomplished musicians and has been teaching guitar, bass guitar, and drums lessons to all ages for thirty years. His studio is conveniently located in Holden Massachusetts and can accommodate individuals or a whole band. Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or are looking for a band coach, Doug has the expertise and facilities to accommodate your needs.

 A music instructor would be a misnomer for describing Doug's teaching style. Doug is more of a mentor and educator accommodating and customizing lessons for individualized instruction. Regardless of your skill level or if you are into classical, swing, heavy metal, Hawaiian, or the blues, Doug's unique and individualized style promotes a robust and meaningful learning experience. 

Doug Moore is the premier music instructor for the greater Worcester area specializing in guitar, bass guitar, and drum lessons.


The Studio

The Walnut Street Music Studio is conveniently located in Holden center within sight of the Holden Library, and a 2 minute drive away from the Big Y supermarket. It was designed as a comfortable, professional alternative to other music lesson environments and just minutes from Worcester.  Learn More

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Call (508) 340-5012
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Lesson  Times   Mon - Fri 10AM - 10PM

Bi-weekly           Sat & Sun 10AM -10PM


The WSMA live performance workshops are designed to provide an opportunity to experience the challenge and thrill of working with other musicians towards the goal of live performance. People sign up in the fal land we meet weekly or bi-weekly, have fun while learning and shaping the material and perform a few times the following summer outdoors with a professional sound company providing production. The studio is full of synthesizers, keyboards, drums, guitars of all kinds, mandolins, percussion, vocal microphones, whatever we need. Here are some examples of the workshops of the last few years: Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced (complete album) Rolling Stone: Get Your Ya Ya’s Out (complete album) Tom Petty Tribute, Led Zeppelin 2 (complete album), Tribute to the 3 Kings (Freddy, Albert, and BB), Nirvana: Nevermind (complete album), Jazz at Walnut and Dean, Monday Night Soul Session, Blues Brothers Soundtrack (complete album), Metallica: Tribute to the Black Album.  Learn More.


Doug, this is so wonderful, thank you! My son literally ran to the car because he couldn't wait to tell me about what a great time he had with you! He said he felt like he learned more from you in one hour with you than he did in two years with his previous teacher .

I had never played an instrument and decided to take bass guitar lessons from Doug. Doug had me playing the first night! After just eight months with Doug, I am playing bass for a local blues band and loving it. Not only is his instruction unique, his lesson is the highlight of my week. "

Doug is very accommodating and works hard to keep my son focused and excited about playing the guitar. Every lesson challenges my son while keeping it fun and engaging. He has accomplished so much musically and I attribute it to Doug's unique style."

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