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Walnut Street Music Academy


The WSMA live performance workshops are designed to provide an opportunity to experience the challenge and thrill of working with other musicians towards the goal of live performance. People sign up in the fal land we meet weekly or bi-weekly, have fun while learning and shaping the material and perform a few times the following summer outdoors with a professional sound company providing production. The studio is full of synthesizers, keyboards, drums, guitars of all kinds, mandolins, percussion, vocal microphones, whatever we need. Here are some examples of the workshops of the last few years: Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced (complete album) Rolling Stone: Get Your Ya Ya’s Out (complete album) Tom Petty Tribute, Led Zeppelin 2 (complete album), Tribute to the 3 Kings (Freddy, Albert, and BB), Nirvana: Nevermind (complete album), Jazz at Walnut and Dean, Monday Night Soul Session, Blues Brothers Soundtrack (complete album), Metallica: Tribute to the Black Album

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